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        一塊玻璃的創新內涵青島亨達玻璃公司潛心研創國際領先產品,推動建筑領域的節能降耗本報記者 林 剛 一塊玻璃,會有怎樣的未來? …

        • Vacuum glass

          In 1998, VIG of China was invented in Qingdao...In 2004, Qingdao Hengda was the first VIG manufacturer in the world to attend Germ…


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          Laminated glass is kind of permanent adhesive compound glass made by adding a lay or multilayer of tough and hot moldable resin me…


        • Passivhaus

          Passivhaus means realizing the optimization of building envelope structure by adopting passive energy conservation technology to g…


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